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As the 4th of July approaches I am reminded of how great our country is. This country was founded on freedom and our brave soldiers sacrifice everyday for us to remain free. They do the hard things that most of us do not want to do and we would not be free if it weren’t for our soldiers.

I want to personally thank each and everyone who has served in the armed forces protecting our freedoms.  I also want to thank the families who also sacrifice for our freedom.  I personally know the toll the military life style has on the family and the soldier individually. I want to also thank my family, my wife, my children, and my mother and father for supporting me in my career as a Special Operations Soldier. Thank you and God Bless America.

My book You Have To Live Hard To Be Hard One Mans Life in Special Operations tells my life story and what it was like for myself and my family during my 30 years of military service, most of which was spent in special operations. I was a Special Forces Green Beret during my first 10 years of the Army and a Special Operations helicopter pilot for the TF 160th SOAR most of my remaining years in the Army. The book documents my near fatal helicopter accident in 1994 in which my good friend, Carlos Guerrero was sadly killed, and my lengthy recovery and return to duty a year later. It also tells about the events of January 23rd, 2007 in which my brother and 4 other men were killed on the same mission that I and my crew survived.

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Today I wanted to remind all our men and women who are serving in war torn areas that their sacrifice isn’t for nothing and that most good American’s appreciate what they do to keep the rest of us safe and free. I personally want to thank all of you. You are truly living by my motto: “You Have To Live Hard To Be Hard“.

Some of you may not understand what that motto means. It is a Special Operations Motto. It was posted on the wall of my team room when I was in Special Forces in Panama way back in 1979. It doesn’t necessarily only apply to military hardships and training. It basically means that if you want to accomplish your dreams you need to work hard. Good things don’t come easy. You may fail sometimes but you can always pick yourself back up and try again. Don’t give up. When things get hard just remember “You Have To Live Hard To Be Hard“. I have said this so many times over the years to my kids, coworkers and everyone around me. It was my way of encouraging them to keep working hard and not wimp out. Things are not always going to be easy in life but you can get through it.

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